Wait… FJTC hires lawyers?

That was the topic of discussion during Joyce Raby’s presentation at NALP’s 2018 Annual Education Conference. The National Association of Law Placement is a champion of education and standards for recruiting, professional and career development, and diversity and inclusion in the legal field. The association has 2,500 legal career professionals, committed to advising and guiding lawyers and law students, law schools and law offices in recruitment and professional development.

Joyce is FJTC’s Executive Director and was invited to share a little about our unique work model with NALP members.
As a completely virtual organization, our lawyers must be willing to embrace essential technologies – be it email, video conferencing or project management applications – and of course, communication and collaboration skills are a must.

So, what do lawyers do at FJTC? They write and review content on FloridaLawHelp.org, the state’s legal help website designed to assist self-represented litigants navigate the legal system. They work with Practice Area Leaders on FlAdvocate.org, to create content and training materials.

They serve as subject matter experts on software development projects and a rare few even help develop that software with coding skills they learned in their spare time!

The Annual Education Conference was held in Hollywood, Florida on April 24th-27th.