In April 2019, conducted user tests of the new Statewide Triage staging website. The user testing participants were provided with a hypothetical legal problem and asked to navigate the site to get the help they wanted. In addition to asking structured questions at key points, we documented what the participants did, what they said, and where they seemed to have trouble throughout the process.

In this round of testing, we partnered with Gulfcoast Legal Aid and Legal Aid of Manasota to identify potential user testing sites. The sites were chosen based on the agencies which were willing and able to host us.  Over the course of 4 days, we spoke with 32 individuals.  We are incredibly grateful to the organizations that partnered with us for these user tests, and for the individuals that took time out of their schedules to give us feedback.

User testing is an important part of any development effort.  In order to ensure the new Statewide Triage website is easy for Floridians to navigate and understand, it is necessary to determine how they are likely to interact with the site.  The insights from these user tests has helped FJTC continue to make changes to the in development Statewide Triage website to ensure it works as effectively as possible at launch later this month.


  • To download and read the user testing results please click or touch here
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