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On Friday, April 8, 2016, Alla Holmes (our Pro Bono and Community Engagement Manager) and I attended a Pro Bono Fair at the Florida State University College of Law.  Janeia Daniels Ingram, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, put on a wonderful event and made us feel so very welcome.  Our table was right next to our friends from Florida Legal Services so we got to visit with Cecille Lucero and Kathy Grunewald.  The Hon. Nancy Daniels (Public Defender for the Second Judicial Circuit), was there along with her Chief Assistant, Andy Thomas and it was great to see so much interest in their important work.  Norht Florida Center For Equal Justice and Legal Services of North Florida were also represented along with so many other great organizations.

As FJTC’s Advocate Community Engagement Manager it was fun to get to talk with so many law students about our work. The event was well-attended – plus it was fun for me to be back at my alma mater.  People seemed to be really moved by our mission and excited about the work that we’re doing.  We shared with the students and other attendees the work that we’re doing with all three websites, volunteer opportunities, and internships available for interested students.  We enjoyed ourselves and I came away feeling energized by the students’ desire to engage in serving the community.