On January 6, 2016 FJTC held a Triage Pilot Kick Off meeting hosted by Clerk Tara Green of Clay County Circuit Court.  The design team got a chance to meet with the project vendors and begin the hard work of designing the triage system.  Much work remains to be done but it was an exciting day for all of us and an auspicious launch of the effort.

Triage Pilot Project Definition and Purpose

The proposed triage is an online system that uses a dynamic interview to capture end user specific information which is analyzed by an expert system and, given available legal assistance programs and services, provides individualized referral options to the end user.

The Triage Pilot project is a proof of concept project.  It is meant to explore the feasibility of a triage system both at a local (county) level as well as potentially a statewide level.  The lessons learned through this project will support informed decision-making about if and how to move forward with a permanent effort.

Project Timeframe

The Pilot project will be completed within six months, starting January 2016 through June 2016.  The project will roughly be defined by two phases; four months of development (January through April) followed by six to eight weeks of testing and evaluation (May and June).  A replication analysis and final evaluation report will wrap up the project in June/July 2016.
Project Design

To be able to adhere to this aggressive timetable, the Pilot project will attempt to duplicate to the extent practical the New Mexico Legal Aid Triage system.

There are two deviations from the New Mexico project worthy of note:

  • The Pilot project will only address two areas of law (for comparison -New Mexico addresses four); family law and landlord/tenant law. The Pilot will address a very limited subset of case types within those two areas.
  • The Pilot project will host several referral recipient organizations; the Clerk’s office, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Probono program, Three River Legal Services, and online resources available through FloridaLawHelp.org. The New Mexico Triage System only referred to two legal aid agencies.

Project Design Team

Key staff from the following organizations are on the design team; Clay County Clerk’s Office, Family Court Services of Clay County, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Three Rivers Legal Services, and Florida Justice Technology Center.