We’re happy to announce that we’ve hired Katrina (Katie) Miller as our part time Legal Content Manager.  Having experience as both a law librarian and an attorney, Katie will bring to the Florida Justice Technology Center a unique combination of web, research skills, and legal acumen.  Katie has a JD, from the Florida State University College Law and a Masters Library & Information Studies from Florida State University.  Prior to her work as a law librarian she was a staff attorney at the State of Florida First District Court of Appeal were she drafted summaries, recommendations, and opinions for judges as well as researched issues involving criminal, civil, and administrative law.   In her role as a Legal Content Manager, Katie will be in charge of the development and management of legal content, information, and resources on FloridaLawHelp.org.  She will also play an instrumental role in developing high quality, user-centered legal information to serve Florida’s low-income communities.

Katie we’re excited to have you on board!