In my role as Online Content Manager, I keep a wish list of resources that I want to add to FloridaLawHelp. These are resources that I think will help our users understand their legal issues and rights. Videos are at the top of my wish list. Even if text is written in plain language and edited to provide a simple description of a topic, some people learn more from visual and audio than from text.  So finding some quality videos was a top priority for me.  Then I discovered that Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) recently produced videos about landlord/tenant issues. Hooray, my wish was granted!

I’ve added JALA’s four videos to our content on FloridaLawHelp under our housing section. I encourage you to check them out along with the other housing resources created by JALA:

In addition to adding great content, I also get the privilege of working with great people and organizations. I want to send out a big THANK-YOU to JALA for creating these much needed videos and coordinating with me to get the links up on our site.