If you weren’t able to attend the LSC Innovations in Technology Conference this week, you’re in luck – they’re live-streaming the sessions!

Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, January 10
8:30am – The Innovation Gap: Why the Justice System Has Failed to Keep Pace with Technology and What to Do About It (Opening Plenary)
10:30am – Emerging Technologies: Harnessing the Exponential Power of Digital Technology to Transform Legal Systems
12:15pm – Lunch with LSC President Jim Sandman
1:45pm – Beyond Flesch-Kincaid and Clicks: Rigorously Evaluating Your Content’s Impact
3:30pm – Help Search Engines Find and Feature You: Using Structured Data on Your Website

Thursday, January 11
8:30am – Just Clicking Around: Is That Website Making Any Difference?
10:00am – Hotlines: The Next Generation
11:30am – Rapid Fire Tech Talks
1:45pm – Connecting the Legal Ecosystem: Efficiencies Across Technology Platforms and Between Organizations
3:30pm – The Science of Where: Why Location Matters and How Mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology Are Providing Insight for Access to Justice

Friday, January 12
8:00am – How To: The Legal Services Guide to Technology Training Initiatives
9:30am – Cutting Through the Code: Engaging Non-Techies in Tech Projects (Our own Alison DeBelder hosts!)
11:00am – TIG Reporting, Requirements and Guidance – and the 2018 TIG Cycle

You can see them all on LSC’s Facebook Page.