On November 3rd and 4th FJTC sponsored Florida’s first Medical-Legal Partnership and Health Law Conference in partnership with the Project Director’s Training Initiative.  The first day was focused on Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) topics and featured an inter-professional healthcare provider panel and a scintillating presentation and discussion led by national expert Mallory Curran.  The second day was dedicated to topics relevant to Health Law practitioners.  Presentations ranged from group discussion of strategies to address Medicaid eligibility challenges to impact advocacy and reform.  Leonard Cuello, of National Health Law Program (NHeLP), was one the presenters on the second day and the amount of information that he was able to convey in an accessible and engaging manner was astonishing.  I was personally thrilled to finally meet in person so many fearless advocates that I’ve admired and, in some cases, worked with but never gotten to see in person.  It is also always wonderful to see old friends continuing noble fights and taking on new innovative work – including Executive Directors leading Florida programs.  It was phenomenal to see the FJTC’s support of these advocates in action!