While our nation’s economy continues to improve, the enduring effects of the economic crisis continue to impact the lives of millions of Americans.  In many states, unemployment and foreclosure rates have remained above pre-recession levels leaving many families unable to escape poverty. FloridaLawHelp.org offers critical help obtaining and learning about much-needed tax credits that allow families a chance to move forward. FloridaLawHelp.org is part of the national LawHelp.org network of nonprofit legal information portals, and offers a variety of free tools and information for those grappling with tax preparation.

FloridaLawHelp.org offers easy-to-understand information about both state and federal taxes, including fact sheets for those facing a variety of special tax circumstances; information about rebates and tax credits, including the earned income tax credit; information on avoiding tax scams; and more. View our taxes resources under our April Legal Topic of the Month: http://floridalawhelp.org/resource/april-legal-topics-of-…

FloridaLawHelp.org is Florida’s online source for free legal aid referrals, know-your-rights information and a variety of self-help tools.  FloridaLawHelp.org is maintained by Florida Justice Technology Center, in conjunction with Pro Bono Net, a nonprofit leader in increasing access to justice for the disadvantaged.  FloridaLawHelp.org serves more than 130,000 visitors a year.  LawHelp.org was developed with support from the Legal Services Corporation.

“High rates of unemployment continue to affect millions of Americans. It’s essential that struggling families receive all the benefits to which they’re entitled,” said Mark O’Brien, Executive Director of Pro Bono Net.  “LawHelp makes it easier for them to obtain these important benefits as well as find needed information, by putting tax resources, referrals and tools on one user-friendly site.”