The 2017 Veterans Conference, held in Orlando, was the first of its kind and brought together legal aid attorneys who represent veterans as well as those affiliated with Florida law school legal clinics and MLPs.  The conference was conceived of as part of the launch of’s newest practice area devoted to those who work with vulnerable veterans in Florida.  The conference featured speakers from Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Three Rivers Legal Services, Swords to Plowshares in California, Florida Coastal School of Law, and Stetson University College of Law.  It was made possible by a partnership of the Project Directors’ Training Initiative, Florida Justice Technology Center, and the Public Defender for the Ninth Judicial Circuit.  The first half-day of the conference was devoted to VA Benefits and the second day involved cultural competency, an unparalleled panel of experts and case discussion, an hour devoted to veteran-specific housing issues, and a presentation on holistic representation of the veteran.  We had 35 people from 16 different organizations attend the conference.  Many thanks to all those who attended and to our partners to whom we are grateful for making this such a wonderful success.