FJTC’s Executive Director, Joyce Raby, has penned an informative article featuring the top 5 lessons learned (so far) from starting a nonprofit technology center.  The article was written as a response to Christine Fecko’s, General Counsel for the IOLA Fund of the State of New York, article, “An IOLTA New Year’s Resolution: Increase Technology Support.”

FJTC is currently the second independent nonprofit technology support center in the country working on increasing access to justice through technology.  Illinois Legal Aid Online was the first in the country and is still the model that many aspire to. Joyce’s article is timely in that interest in both tech-enabled justice is growing both in use and sophistication.  Many states are looking into building statewide triage systems, justice portals (see Microsoft donates $1m for building access to justice portals), and other technologies which would be well-served being housed by a central justice tech nonprofit entity.  The 5 key lessons outlined in Joyce’s article serve as a reminder of the central groundwork that is needed in order to create an effective and sustainable nonprofit tech center. 

Her article can be read in entirety here: Lessons Learned (So Far) from Establishing a Nonprofit Technology Center: The Floridian Experience.