On October 10, Florida Bar Foundation’s communication director, Nancy Maass Kinnally, Self-Represented Litigant’s Network (SRLN) GIS Expert, Alison Davis-Holland, and Jim Kowalksi of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, will be sharing lessons from their use of GIS Map visualization for advocacy.  As with most data analysis projects, their work began with a clear set of questions and concerns.  Nancy was prompted to explore data visualizations after hearing of President Trump’s proposed elimination of federal funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).  As she noted, “I immediately recognized the need to communicate to Florida’s Congressional delegation in clear and convincing terms the potential consequences for our state“. Therefore, their goal was to both:

  • Make a case for legal aid in Florida, and;
  • Advocate for LSC funding.

These clear objectives led to an effective partnership with (SRLN), whose individual map books broken down by congressional districts became a key advocacy tool in the state.

There’s lots to learn in this case study about the power of data  for supporting legislative advocacy, collaborations, garnering press and media coverage, driving strategy, and highlighting impact and gaps.

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