I attended the August meeting of the Florida Courts Technology Commission (FCTC) meeting in West Palm Beach on behalf of FJTC.  Rule of Judicial Administration 2.236, sets forth the responsibilities of the Commission, which include overseeing, managing, and directing the development and use of technology within the judicial branch under the direction of the supreme court.  The sub-committee meeting on August 17 actually had a surprise visit by Chief Justice Jorge Labarga in person!

Chief Justice Jorge LabargaThere was an immense amount of work that was accomplished by the Commission addressing matters as varied as forms of  acceptable signatures to the safety and protection of law enforcement officers and domestic violence victims.  I was able to meet with people from all over the state, including clerks, court technology officers, attorneys, and a vendor working with clerks’ case management systems.  It is inspiring to see the hard work being done that is going into making technology improve the justice system in Florida and a wonderful opportunity to share with others the strides that FJTC is making in access to justice for all Floridians.