IMG_1001I was fortunate to spend June 9 and 10 in Orlando at the 2016 Consumer Law Training presented by Florida Legal Services, Inc.  Kathy Grunewald did a marvelous job putting the entire event together which featured presentations by nationally recognized experts.  I particularly enjoyed hearing from Lynn Drysdale, who has been chosen to receive the Jane Elizabeth Curran Distinguished Service Award next week at the Florida Bar Annual Convention (  All of the speakers were enthralling – James A. Kowalski, Jr., Robert Murphy, and Sarah Bolling Mancini.

It was such a pleasure to have an opportunity to meet and spend time with some of the advocates attending the training.  I got to learn more about the exciting work that people are involved in around the state, such as that being done be those who staff the Florida Senior Helpline (providing legal help to people 60 and older who call 1-888-895-7873).  Ariel Cook volunteered to serve as the practice area leader for’s statewide Consumer group and we couldn’t be more honored to have her donate her time and expertise.  Several other attendees went out of their way to express interest in joining and working with me to make sure that and its resources are superlative and consequently results for clients across Florida are consistent and first-rate.

This was a productive training opportunity and I’m moved by the work that’s being done by consumer advocates throughout Florida.  I came away eager to support everyone’s efforts.

Ariel and Alison CUG 2016IMG_1007Sarah Bolling Mancini 3