• veterans in florida

    Strengthening Statewide Veterans Advocate Community

    FlAdvocate, has a new Veterans topic currently being developed.  Practice area leader, Eric Hughes from Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is recruiting and supervising a team of expert volunteers who have been convening regularly to design the content library structure in a way that will be intuitive for users – especially those new to this […]

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  • Developing a Low Income Tax Clinic Advocacy Group

    FJTC is working with Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. in Jacksonville to develop a Low Income Tax Clinic advocacy (LITC) group on FLAdvocate.org. The practice area will feature a listserv for advocates, directory of LITC programs were volunteers can assist, as well as a library of resources.

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  • florida probono

    National Best Practices Regarding Probono Websites

    In January 2016, we conducted a mini-study to identify national best practices regarding the development, administration, and use of innovative technologies to support probono work. You can download this report here.

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  • Pilot Triage in Clay County

    The proposed triage is an online system that uses a dynamic interview to capture end user specific information which is analyzed by an expert system and, given available legal assistance programs and services, provides individualized referral options to the end user. The Triage Pilot project is a proof of concept project.  It is meant to […]

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  • Online intake and Legal Service of Greater Miami

    Video Production in Legal Services of Greater Miami

    FJTC staff assisted Legal Services of Greater Miami (LSGM) with the development of a training video for their staff and statewide community.  It outlines what it takes to develop online intake, the potential hurdles to overcome, and the benefits to your program. You can see the video and accompanying manual here.

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  • Visualizing Legal Pipelines with CaseWork Data

    Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) has partnered with FJTC staff to analyze and visualize their 2013-2016 casework data.  The data was downloaded from their LegalServer case management system.  FJTC is exploring both legal outcomes and demographic information.  The final result of this effort will be interactive visualizations which demonstrate how data can be used to inform […]

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